Plumbing Myths and Spooky Tales Part 2

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween

In our last blog we addressed some spooky plumbing problems and downright absurd myths. So since Halloween is close, we thought we would continue on with the tales… If you encounter a spooky plumbing complication, our Sun Plumbing technicians can service your needs throughout Viera, Palm Bay and Melbourne. We will dispatch a uniformed technician in a company vehicle clearly marked to perform an on-site inspection and provide you with upfront pricing which you will approve before work is conducted. And we will not leave behind a frightening mess! Drop cloths and shoe covers will be used when needed and the job site cleaned up before departing. Sun Plumbing can handle the scariest of problems safely, quickly, cost effectively, and with a warranty!

Fact or Fiction?

Toilets are affected by the Coriolis Effect flushing counter clockwise in the Northern hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern hemisphere.

Truth:    The amount of water in a toilet is not significant enough to be effected by the Coriolis Effect. The direction of the water in your toilet bowl is dependent upon the design of the toilet, the direction of the jets under the rim, and the water pressure.

You can get sucked into a toilet on an airplane. The sign above airliner toilets even reads: “Do Not Flush While Seated on Toilet.”

Truth:    No, you cannot get stuck on an airplane toilet if you flush while seated! The reason you cannot stuck is there is not a perfect seal and the amount of suction is not enough!

Putting a brick in the tank of your toilet will save you money by displacing water.

Truth:    Since a brick is porous it will most likely disintegrate and destroy your flapper. A brick in the toilet tank equals trouble, money, and most likely a service call. The brick may also displace too much water and end up wasting water since you will have to flush multiple times.

It sure is funny considering these myths and the truths that dispel them. But if you were to have a real ghoulish plumbing emergency arise or a groaning spooky pipe keeping you up at night, be sure to contact Sun Plumbing at 321-725-2460 or on our website at and follow us on Facebook too! Remember, we are as dependable as the sun!

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