Post-Hurricane Plumbing Checklist

Plumber Checking Pipes

Hurricanes can cause major damage to homes and neighborhoods. Power lines fall down, you find your tree in your neighbor’s yard two houses over, you are unable to drive your car because the streets are flooded, shingles on roofs are missing, and these are only a few of the damages that you can oftentimes see from the outside looking in. When you take a closer look at the inside of your home you may realize that you have problems with your plumbing as well.

Here are some plumbing elements to check after a destructive hurricane:

Sewer line

When a heavy storm or a hurricane comes through your town it’s best to check your sewer line when you get back to your home. The sewer line should be checked because it’s located in the ground and a hurricane can cause the trees to become uprooted affecting the main sewer line. Walk around your house and inspect the yard for damage. As you’re scoping out the damage notice if the sewer line is detached or if it got ruptured during the storm. Another way to tell is if your toilets are having a hard time flushing or if there is sewage backed up into your bathroom shower. If you are experiencing any of these problems please give your professional Brevard County plumbers at Sun Plumbing a call.

Gas line

Before you evacuate your home during the event of a hurricane you have a choice to turn off the natural gas in your home. To access your natural gas appliances, turn off the valves both inside and outside of your home as hurricanes have high winds allowing debris to fly around that could cause damage to your appliances outside. Don’t shut off your natural gas at the meter, but rather at the shut-off valve for each appliance so that your gas pipeline isn’t exposed for possible rupturing during a severe storm.

Water leaks

After returning to your home after a hurricane, it’s common to have leaks in your home. Check your home for damage to your pipes such as cracking or water leak marks inside of your home. Your pipes most likely were under extreme stress during the hurricane. Any water leaks that are found in your home should be inspected by a professional.

Be safe when entering your home after a hurricane. If you need any further assistance with your Melbourne, FL hurricane plumbing checklist please call Sun Plumbing for an appointment today. You can reach our team of Brevard County plumbers at (321) 725-2460.

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