Preventing and Preparing for Plumbing Problems


Plumbing problems can be expensive and complicated. In the interest of saving money in whatever way you can, it’s important for you to understand as many of the basics as possible when it comes to plumbing. This way, you’ll know a little bit more about what to do when then next plumbing catastrophe occurs.

The High Water Bill

If your water bill is much higher than normal, you need to find out why, and you’ll need to do so quickly. The most likely cause of a high water bill is a hidden leak somewhere within your home’s water system. Check your faucets for leaks and look at your toilets to see if they are running even long after they’ve been used. Inspect all appliances for leaks, especially your water heater. Then, check carefully throughout your house, looking for damp spots on the walls, ceilings and floors that would point to leaking pipes inside the walls and under floors. Check the perimeter of the house outside to see if any hose bibbs are running or leaking.

What Uses the Most Water?

While you might think that the bath or the shower uses the most water in the house, it’s actually the toilet. That’s why it’s especially crucial to quickly fix a toilet that runs even when not in use. A toilet running on and off all day and night could rack up an enormous water bill.

What Plumbing Tools Are Essential to the Home?

One of the most important and useful plumbing tools you can keep in your house is a toilet auger. You can use it to penetrate and purge a clogged toilet. A plunger is also an important tool to have around to fix clogs in toilets, showers, and sinks. Even though it’s not exactly a plumbing tool, a wet-dry shop vac can come in very handy if a pipe or appliance has leaked water into a room. Sucking up water as fast as possible can save your floor from total and complete destruction. Take the filter out prior to extracting water.

What’s the Best Way to Choose a Plumber?

As long as it’s not an emergency, it’s a good idea to do as much research as possible before picking a plumber. Check to be sure the plumber is licensed in Brevard County, Florida. Sun Plumbing has a long track record, great reviews, and has been the recipient of multiple awards and accolades from Hometown News. For the past two years, we have received the Angie’s List Super Service Award so you know we are in the business of providing superior service and quality customer care. Call us today for the best in plumbing and septic service.

Hopefully, the answers to these common plumbing problems can provide some assistance in either avoiding or dealing with your next plumbing predicament.

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