Pumpkin Carving Party


This fall season is the perfect time to plan a fun-filled pumpkin carving party. Invite friends and family to come over to enjoy delicious treats, listen to some spooky Halloween music, drink apple cider and bob for apples. Decorate your house with pumpkins, orange streamers, ghosts, and bats.

Here are some ideas to throw the perfect pumpkin party:

Pumpkin seeds

While the guests are arriving have pumpkin seeds covered in cinnamon and sugar baking in the oven to bring a sweet aroma into the home. This also provides a nice treat for everyone to snack on before the festivities begin. As everyone starts carving pumpkins have someone collect all of the seeds and roast more pumpkin seeds with different spices and have a contest to see which one is most popular.


Get a playlist together filled with spooky songs such as “Castin’ My Spell” by Johnny Otis, “Voodoo Voodoo” by LaVern Baker, “Butcher’s Tale” by The Zombies, “Whistlin’ Past The Graveyard” by Tom Waits, “Zombie Song” by The Besties, and “Wolf Like Me” by TV On The Radio just to name a few.


Hang orange and black streamers around the house with ghosts and bats from the ceiling. If you’re looking to make your home feel even spookier stretch spider web around doorways and along windows. Place pumpkins around the house and these will also come in handy if anyone forgets to bring a pumpkin to carve at the party.


Place bowls of candy corn and an assortment of candy on a table for dessert. Make delicious red candy and gooey caramel covered apples. Have pumpkin milkshakes and cider for drinks.

Pumpkin carving

Set up a station in your home for carving pumpkins. Lay down blankets and trays to help minimize the clean-up afterward. Put together carving kits for your guests. Place glass jars with wooden spoons and carving knives on a table for your guests to use freely while carving their pumpkins. Make sure you let your guests know that they are responsible for bringing their own pumpkin so that they don’t come to the party empty-handed.

Do not put pumpkin pulp or seeds down your garbage disposal. Let your guests know during the party to throw all excess pulp in the garbage can. Pumpkin pulp can damage your garbage disposal and clog your drains. Pumpkin pulp creates all sorts of havoc on your drains. If you have any problems with your plumbing in Viera or Melbourne, FL please give Sun Plumbing a call.

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