Reasons Behind Water Heater Problems


Water Heater ProblemsHot water is an everyday necessity. Needed for showers, cleaning and laundry, hot water plays an important role in our lives.

Problems with our water heater can have a major impact on our everyday lives. The following are some of the more common water heater problems from your Melbourne FL plumber and the reasons behind them.

Not enough hot water – the first thing to remember is that during the winter months water temper entering the house can drop as much as 25 degrees.

Due to this drop in temperature, water will take longer to heat up which means hot water recovery time will be longer.People also have a tendency to use more hot water when it is colder out so using all the hot water in the tank can be common.

If you don’t suspect the lack of hot water is because of the weather, check to see if the temperature on the heater is not set too low and make sure there is no loose wiring. Also make sure your tank is big enough to hold enough water to handle the needs of the household. Sometimes running out of hot water is a sign of a leak on the hot water line under your slab and not due to problems with your water heater.

No hot water – no hot water can mean a few things. First, check the circuit breaker/fuse box to make sure power is getting to the water heater. If that is okay and power is going to the heater, the thermostats and/or elements could be bad. Replacing the elements and thermostats can be done by the homeowner if he/she is comfortable doing the job. Otherwise call a licensed plumber to have them changed out.

Discolored water – usually discolored hot water means there is rust and sediment in the bottom of the water heater tank. Draining and flushing the tank may take care of that problem.

Smelly hot water – when hot water starts to smell there are a couple of possibilities. First there can be a buildup of bacteria in the tank. Again, draining and flushing the tank may take care of that problem. Smelly water can also be caused by a bad anode rod. If that is the case, the anode rod will have to be replaced.

Water heater leaking – water heaters can leak from a number of different locations. If water is showing up around the heater check all valves, pipes going into tank and heating elements. If the tank is leaking from the bottom, it will need to be replaced. On some occasions water will leak out the top of your water heater, where the pipes go into the tank. This is another instance when the tank will need to be replaced.

These are just a few causes for water heater problems. There are more issues that can results in water heater problems. Whenever there is a plumbing question or concern, it is always best to contact your licensed plumber.

If you are experiencing a plumbing or water heater problem, call the experts at Sun Plumbing today to have a professional dispatched to your home.

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