Should You Invest in an Outdoor Shower?


Summer is almost here. In the scorching hot weather when you return from an afternoon at the beach, a hot morning playing golf or tennis, or a long walk with your dog, do you ever think how nice it would be to cool down and rinse off in an outdoor shower?

For those who live in Brevard County on the east coast of Florida, outdoor showers might seem most appealing in summer, but they can be used year-round. A nice outdoor shower can help keep your house clean and your indoor showers free from small grains of sands scratching up your tile and clogging your drains. At Sun Plumbing here in Melbourne, Florida we have helped many families up and down the Space Coast install the plumbing for an outdoor shower. We have seen some incredible finished outdoor bathroom designs that will make you want to shower outside all the time!

Here are our top reasons you should consider building an outdoor shower for your home.

Keep the dirt outside.

Kids have a way of getting dirty very quickly. From playing at the beach and getting covered in sand, to playing soccer in the rain and getting covered in mud, the last thing you want is all that sand and dirt tracked through your house. Plus, when you wash off sand, clay, and mud in your shower, you run the risk of scratching your tub or clogging the drain.  Having a place to rinse off outside after a mud fight, sporting event or a day at the beach can help keep the mess outside and makes life so much easier and cleaner.

Wash your dog.

Washing a dog in your shower or bathtub is a challenge and it makes a huge hairy mess. Dog hair can clog pipes and will take days to get all those fine hairs off the walls of your shower, tub, and floor. With an outdoor shower and big open drain, you can get your dog clean without having to deep clean your bathroom every time.

Shower after the beach and before you jump in the pool.

When you come home from the beach, a swim in the pool can be so refreshing. However, getting a bunch of sand from the beach into the pool is not good or fun. Ever notice when you go to hotels on the beach, they have big signs that ask you to rinse off before entering? Most people don’t and you can see and feel the sand along the floor of the pool. If you want to keep your pool in great shape, it’s a good idea to rinse off before going in. With an outdoor shower nearby, you can make it an easy rule to follow. It’s also a good idea to rinse the chlorine off your body when you exit the pool too.

Clean up after yard work.

After you have been working in the yard, sweating and getting dirty, a quick rinse off in your outdoor shower will feel refreshing and keep the dirt outside. If you are an avid gardener, you may want to consider incorporating a nice landscape around your outdoor shower.  Enclosing the shower with a wall of shrubs, flowers or plants are a creative way to make your outdoor shower a private relaxing escape.

Cool off on a hot day.

When it’s hot outside, there is something so refreshing about taking a cool shower outside. You can rinse off the sweat, heat, and dirt from the day and enjoy the serene setting of your outdoor shower.

Outdoor inspirations.

Now that we’ve covered the reasons an outdoor shower might be right for you, it’s time to get inspired by these amazing outdoor shower ideas:

14 Refreshing Shower Ideas

If you are thinking about building your own outdoor shower, you should work with your local Palm Bay plumber to install the plumbing properly. Call Sun Plumbing today at 321-725-2460!

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