Signs Your Main Sewer Drain is Blocked

Signs Your Main Sewer Drain Blocked
Signs Your Main Sewer Drain Blocked

Superficial clogs are blockages that are shallow and generally easy to clear, like hair in a shower drain. Blockages to the main sewer line are an altogether different story. The pipes that run from fixtures like toilets, sinks, and showers connect to the main drain, which pushes waste away from your home to an underground sewage system or septic drain field. Clogs in the main sewage pipe are often more difficult to fix on your own and may require a professional plumber. You do not want to ignore signs of a main line clog as it can lead to extensive damage to your plumbing and costly repairs.

So, what are some warning signs to look out for?

Gurgling Noises

If you notice water backing up in your toilet or drains, or if you hear the water making strange bubbling sounds, you might have a main drain blockage.

Backed-Up Drains

When more than one drain is not working properly, this is another sign of a problem with your main drain. If only one drain is clogged it may be localized to that area, and you can refer to our previous blogs for ways to clear drains. If you can’t remove the blockage it could indicate a bigger problem and you should call your local Melbourne, FL plumber.

Bad Smells

Is something foul-smelling coming from your drains? The smell could be backed up sewage sitting in pipes connecting to your drains. When the main sewage drain is blocked, it isn’t able to flush the water and sewage from your pipes into the sewer. This will leave the sewage for nowhere to go but up – yuck!

Standing Sewage

Depending on the type of sewage system you have, you might be able to detect a problem by locating your sewer clean-out. This is a pipe that connects to your home’s main sewer line and may or may not be visible. Standing sewage around the sewer clean-out is a tell-tale sign that you’ve got a blockage in your main drain.

If you’re not sure where your sewer clean-out is, try looking outside the exterior of your home. It could be directly in the ground covered by a circular pipe cover. Alternatively, it may be located in a box outside, or it may not be visible at all. Click here for tips on finding your sewer clean-out

Identifying the problem is the first step to getting your plumbing system in working order, and once you do this you’ll need to address the problem. In our next blog, we will cover DIY ways to clear out your main sewage line. Keep in mind, every home is built differently, and some sewage lines will be more difficult than others to clear without a professional plumber. Should you need assistance with any plumbing maintenance or repairs, Sun Plumbing’s Brevard County trained technicians are just a phone call away.

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