Spooky and Unusual Plumbing Myths Dispelled…or Not!


Oddly, there are a lot of myths and folklore surrounding the science of plumbing! Some are blatantly outrageous, others contain half-truths, and a handful are downright silly. From placing bricks in your toilet tank to creatures emerging from sewers and rearing their ugly heads in the commode, it should be fun to see what truths lie in these tales. At Sun Plumbing, we will gladly assist you with any plumbing nightmare you may encounter in Brevard County. Let our plumbers handle your horrific septic situations, replace your hauntingly old plumbing fixtures, or repair any ghastly leaks.

Fact or Fiction?

Rats can come up through sewer pipes and into your toilet bowl.

TRUTH- Yes, they can if you are hooked up to sewer lines. Watch this amazing 3 minute National Geographic YouTube video showing just how these rascals can accomplish such a frightening feat. Apparently rats can hold their breath over 3 minutes and can tread water for 3 days!

Flushable wipes are a wise choice.

TRUTH- Realistically, any item is flushable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it should be! Flushable wipes don’t degrade as easily as toilet paper and often lead to clogged pipes because they can pile up.

Lemon peels clean a garbage disposal and keep it fresh and smelling good.

TRUTH- Yes to temporarily smelling fresh and reducing odor, but it does not clean the disposal. Also, unless your disposal is equipped to handle it, the lemon peels can clog your sink and dull your disposal blades. A better fix for cleaning and freshening is throwing in a little white vinegar.

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Thomas Crapper invented the flush toilet.

TRUTH- In 1775 Alexander Cummings patented the first “flushing water closet.” Thomas Crapper did improve the design and was awarded many patents related to plumbing innovations, not to mention his name hold some interesting word origins history!

In our next blog we will dispel more plumbing mistruths. Until then, if you need a plumber in Brevard County to handle any frightening mishaps, whether you’re in Melbourne, Palm Bay, or Viera contact us at 321-725-2460. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with posts regarding local plumbing assignments, photos, and more information. You can also find more info on our website, so contact us today if you need any plumbing or septic maintenance or repairs!

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