Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom: Part 2


At Sun Plumbing, we’ve had the privilege of serving the people of Brevard County for over 40 years with our professional plumbing services in Viera, Melbourne, and Palm Bay, FL. We also think it’s important to share helpful tips with our readers on matters relating to plumbing and more! In our previous blog, we went over the beginning steps for the ultimate bathroom spring cleaning. By decluttering, getting rid of cobwebs and ceiling mold, and applying cleaner to sit in your shower and sink, you’re off to a good start! Let’s continue our step-by-step guide to cleaning your bathroom so you can cross it off your spring cleaning checklist.

Wipe All Surfaces

Okay, so you have the heavy-duty cleaning product applied to the areas in your bathroom that need a good scrubbing. Let the product do its magic by sitting for a while before you apply some good old-fashioned elbow grease. In the meantime, grab a spray cleaner and spray down every surface in your bathroom. If you’re not a fan of the chemicals in store-bought cleaners, you can make your own bathroom cleaner.

Since you’ve already emptied all the cupboards and moved the items on the sink area or vanity out of the way, you can get to all the places you can’t normally reach. Wipe down every surface, from the door handle to the mirror, inside the drawers, the base of the toilet…you get the picture. You’ll be surprised how much dirt, hair, etc. are hidden in the nooks and crannies that are usually covered by the items in your bathroom!


By now, the cleaner you applied to your bath/shower/sink should have loosened up any minerals or grime. This is arguably the toughest part of cleaning a bathroom, especially if you don’t do this on a regular basis. Make sure you have on gloves and shoes to protect your hands and feet and throw on an old t-shirt in case you get bleach on it. If you haven’t already, remove the shower curtain. Start with the walls of your shower or the sides of the bathtub and work your way down. Use a good scrubber and just it done! Make sure to scrub the grout, and keep in mind that some areas might need more attention than others. Once you’re done, use water to rinse the areas you scrubbed and take a second to admire your work! What a transformation.

Final Touches

Good news, the hard part is over! To complete your bathroom spring cleaning give your toilet bowl a good scrub, polish your faucets, wash any bath mats or shower curtains, and mop the floor. For an extra fresh scent, put an air freshener in an electrical socket.

When you re-stock your bathroom with the items you moved out of the way, be sure to toss any bottles that are empty, get rid of medications that are past their use-by dates, and only re-introduce items you use on a regular basis. Toss or store the rest. You can do a little organizing too. And, voila, you’ve finished spring cleaning your bathroom! Stand back and admire your gleaming bathroom and give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it.

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