Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom: Part 1


Now that spring has sprung, many Brevard County residents are getting into spring cleaning mode. Out with the old, in with the new, and off to a fresh start! Perhaps you’ve already started going through your closets and have bags full of clothes, shoes, kitchen appliances etc. to toss or donate. If so, you’re off to a great start!

Perhaps you did a deep clean in your kitchen, leaving the appliances sparkling, the spice rack alphabetically arranged, and the dishes organized. That’s great too! But, have you neglected to include your bathrooms in the spring cleaning frenzy? Oftentimes, the bathroom gets overlooked because most people give it a quick clean it regularly, but you’d be surprised how much cleaner it can get if you break out the gloves and give it a good, thorough scrub! At Sun Plumbing we want to provide our readers with helpful information, and not just about plumbing. Read on for steps to help get your bathroom in tip-top shape.


First things first, you can’t properly clean your bathroom if there are hand towels strewn about, retainer cases stacked haphazardly, and a million bottles of shampoos and soaps stashed in the shower. So, the first thing you’ll need to do is take everything in the bathroom (yes, we do mean everything) and put it somewhere out of the way while you clean. Clear off the sink area, remove loofas and soaps from the shower, and clear out all the cabinets. You want to be able to reach all those surfaces and crevices that you can’t usually get to during your routine cleaning, so everything has to go! Once you’ve cleared everything that isn’t attached to the wall or floor, you’re ready to begin your spring cleaning.

Take it from the Top

Next, grab a broom and tackle those cobwebs that have accumulated in the corners of your bathroom. Work your way from the ceiling down so you only have to sweep the floor once. If there is any pesky mold near an air vent on the ceiling, get a stepstool, a cleaner containing bleach, a scrubber, put on those gloves, and get to work. Once your ceiling is pristine dust any fans and light fixtures, and keep on working your way down. Once you’ve finished this step, sweep or vacuum the floor to get rid of all the hair, dirt, etc. that has fallen.

Apply Cleaner

Applying cleaner and letting it sit for a while will help loosen up any gunk and make scrubbing a lot easier. If you have hard water or haven’t given your bathtub, shower, and skink a good scrub in a while, you’ve probably got a buildup of minerals coating these surfaces. Apply an acid-based cleaner to these areas, and don’t forget to get all the corners and the shower track. For metal (showerheads, faucets, etc.) use a cleaning product specially formatted for these fixtures. Metal is notorious for tarnishing and rusting, so be sure to have metal cleaner and polish. Some cleaning products can actually harm metal, so make sure you’re using the correct product!

You’re well on your way to a sparkling clean bathroom! Stay tuned for Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom: Part 2. If you encounter any plumbing problems along the way like a blocked drain, a strange smell that persists, or a toilet that won’t flush, call Sun Plumbing! We’ve been serving Melbourne, FL and all of Brevard County since 1974, and we’re happy to help with any plumbing emergency you may have.

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