Summer Plumbing

Summer Plumbing
Summer Plumbing

During the summer, families plan for vacations and fun trips to the beach. Oftentimes, home care is one of the last things you may think of that needs some TLC. Summer flies by in a whirlwind if we don’t stop and consider taking care of things around the home. Take some time to maintain your home and you will be much happier and better able to enjoy your summer. Here are some helpful home maintenance tips.

Air Conditioning

This is important because during the summer, air conditioners are used nonstop. The heat over the summer can lead to mold growth that will be filtered into your home if left unchecked. Typically, air conditioner filters should be changed every six months. They also need to be cleaned to avoid mold from forming altogether. When you’re changing and cleaning the filter, also spend a moment to see if there is any water overflow in the pan.

Please don’t neglect your air conditioner because without it, it will be one hot summer.


Extremely hot weather can affect the foundation of your home. It can cause the ground to expand or contract, which can then affect your plumbing and pipes. If you see cracks in the walls of your home you are likely experiencing some foundation issues.

Having plants around the perimeter of your home will help keep your soil’s temperature at bay and help prevent foundational issues.


Leaks are most likely to occur during the summer when the weather is the hottest because it puts a strain on the pipes. Watering your plants, swimming pools and sprinklers all add up to the water usage. You may notice you are using twice, if not, three times the normal amount of water you typically use. Try to be mindful about how much water is being used in your household and conserve as much as you can.

Take some time to inspect your pipes to prevent any leaks from happening. Remember to look inside your house and outside for any irrigation leaks. If you find a leak don’t hesitate to ask for help. Waiting could drive up the cost of repair.


If you’re in Melbourne, Palm Bay or Viera, be sure to call a plumber in if you are having any issues with your plumbing this summer. At Sun Plumbing we can help your summer be enjoyable and relaxing by taking your mind off of any plumbing mishaps.

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