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Plumbing Rescue

It’s not just kids that wish superheroes were real!  There are plenty of times during the day that we could use someone with x-ray vision to see what our kids are doing in the other room, someone with super speed to race us to our next practice or appointment, or someone with super strength to lift our couch for us, so we can retrieve the dog’s lost toy!  At Sun Plumbing, we believe that we have a great team of superheroes ready to serve you!  When your toilet is clogged, your sewer is backed up into the shower, the kitchen sink is leaking, the baby is crying, the dog is barking…who do you need?  You need the Mighty Plumbers of Sun Plumbing!

Can I Do Plumbing Repairs Myself?

You might think you can handle the plumbing repairs yourself with a wrench and YouTube, and MAYBE you can.  Or, maybe you are going to make things worse and flood your kitchen!  Do-it-Yourself projects can be great, save you money, and even be fun.  But, a major plumbing repair is not the time to become Mr. Fix-it.  Some repairs simply require a trained professional.

The Need for a Professional Plumber

Perhaps you have seen the television show “Dirty Jobs” with Mike Rowe.  It is a great show on Discovery Channel which highlights the jobs of essential workers and what their everyday work entails.  These are the people that keep our country running, and nothing has highlighted the need for them more than the ongoing pandemic.  There are people we can’t live without, and plumbers are most certainly some of those people!

There is an entertaining article entitled, “Why Plumbers Are the Mightiest Tradespeople of Them All.”  It will remind you of how essential plumbers (and all tradespeople) are to our everyday existence.  And, remember the next time you don’t like the cost of your plumbing repairs that you are paying for someone who is an expert in their field.  You don’t want to hire someone for pennies on the dollar because that is also the quality of work you will receive.

The Superheroes of Sun Plumbing

Sun Plumbing in Melbourne, FL has been serving Brevard County in cities such as Palm Bay and Viera since 1974!  The superheroes of Sun Plumbing are qualified, trained plumbers who are keep up to date on the latest plumbing standards, methods, and codes.  As a family-owned and operated company, we live here among the community we serve, taking great pride in meeting your plumbing needs and always being “dependable as the sun!”  So, the next time you have a plumbing emergency, call the professionals at Sun Plumbing.  We look forward to serving you!


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We know that plumbing mishaps can be inconvenient and disruptive at best. Dealing with “Handyman” or unlicensed strangers can lead to additional problems and, very often, increased and unnecessary cost.

Your safety and comfort are important to us.

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