Swimming Pool Safety


As summer draws to a close, don’t worry about losing your pool days because there are plenty more left in the year. With the hottest days of the year out of the way, it’s now time to really enjoy your backyard and get some much-needed relief from the heat. While swimming pools can provide lots of family fun, if they’re treated improperly they can be dangerous. Maintaining the pool and taking safety precautions could potentially save someone’s life.

Here are some safe ways to prepare your pool:

Monitor pH levels

The pH of your pool water needs to be properly maintained before letting anyone in the pool. The levels should be around 7.2 and 7.8 pH because pH 7 is neutral while the scale goes from 0 to 14. Anything below 7 means the water is acid and anything above 7 means the water is basic. The perfect pH would be 7.4 because this is the same pH for human eyes and the chlorine works best at this level to help disinfect the water. It’s best not to open your eyes under water and to instead wear a mask to prevent any eye irritation from happening. The pH levels in your pools should be checked on a regular basis to prevent bacteria and skin irritations from occurring.

Install a protective fence

Putting up a fence is helpful to keep children that don’t know how to swim out of the pool. A fence or baby guard can save lives for any children that may have wandered off unattended. Installing a self-latching gate to the fence is will prevent children from opening up the gate.

Use drain covers

Using drain covers properly is highly important for the safety of everyone who swims in your pool. Drain covers serve to prevent swimmers from getting their hair or swimsuits stuck while submerged underwater. It can be extremely dangerous if there is a missing or damaged cover that can potentially cause someone to drown under water if they can’t pull their hair free. Make sure to check your drain covers before letting any family or friends enjoy your swimming pool.

If you need any upgrades or repairs to be made to your drain covers, pumps, filters or anything else please reach out to your local plumbing services in Viera or Melbourne, Florida. At Sun Plumbing we will gladly help you prepare your pool for a safe swimming experience.

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