The Advantages of a Curbless Walk in Shower


Remodeling your bathroom shower can be a fun project that you get to design to fit your specific needs and style. You might be deciding to remodel your bathroom shower because of leaks and hidden water damage, or maybe you’re remodeling your shower based on wants, needs or investment reasons. Whatever the reason make sure you do extensive research to prepare yourself for this large undertaking if you plan on designing it yourself. Now you have the chance to design your dream shower for complete and utter relaxation.

You can style your new shower to be a place for you to go for serenity after a long day’s work. This can be your stress-free zone designed with calming blue tones and jet powered streams from all different angles to help massage sore muscles.

Incorporating a curbless shower into the bathroom allows the flooring of the bathroom to continue into the shower without any need for a step or a lip of any kind to catch the water. If you remodel your shower with a glass door there won’t be any eye sores that a normal shower stall presents. The shower will flow more and it can make your space seem larger than life.

Here are some reasons to choose a curbless shower over a traditional one.

Ease of Mobility

The mobility in the bathroom will be easier. How many times have you almost lost your balance stepping over the curb of your old shower? This makes it more accessible, and is ideal for those at an older age as well. That one step can be hard to overcome when your mobility isn’t the greatest, especially when combined with wet tiles.

Less Cleaning

Cleaning the shower just became that much simpler. Scrubbing the extra angles of a traditional shower is tedious, and a shower stall base can collect a lot of mold over time if it isn’t properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. These hard to clean angles won’t be an issue when you have a completely flat surface.

Better Drainage

Pick out a drain that is linear and placed at the back of the shower area. This is helpful for when the water drains, and the bathroom flooring should be designed to slope towards the back of the shower for this to work.

If you need help with drain field installation in the Melbourne, Florida area of Brevard, give Sun Plumbing a call and we will be happy to help you! We have a licensed contractor to help you remodel your bathroom, bringing to life all your remodeling dreams.

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