The Benefits of an Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Shower

Having an outdoor shower makes a beautiful attraction to your backyard. After you get home from the beach it’s perfect for rinsing the sand away from between your toes. Installing a shower in your yard will make it simple to clean off your body without tracking in sand or dirt into the house. If you have kids or animals then an outdoor shower is an excellent feature to add to your home.

Here are some of the benefits of an outdoor shower:

Clean children

Children get dirty when they play outside. Even if it’s just for five minutes they somehow manage to come into the house covered in mud and leaves. After playing outside all day they will have dirt all over them and an outdoor shower is a perfect solution for washing off all of the mud. An outdoor shower helps keep your house cleaner. Imagine coming home from the beach after a long day in the sun and tracking sand into the house. Ask your children to wash the sand off before coming into the house to eliminate the need to be constantly sweeping your floors.

Clean dog

Just like children, dogs are known to roll around in the dirt and mud. Periodically washing your dog in the outdoor shower is much easier than washing them in your family bathtub. Washing your dog inside of your house can clog your pipes and you will end up having to clean your bathroom after washing your dog because of them shaking their coat clean. An outdoor shower is convenient and makes it easier when you wash your dog because they will be outside.


Spring is right around the corner and new life will be blooming. This is the perfect time to plant a garden or revive your old one. After working in the soil all day you’re bound to be covered in dirt. A private outdoor shower is wonderful to clean yourself off before stepping into your home. You can design it to be openly aired, or enclosed. Bring plants inside of your shower to create more privacy.

Great for guests

If you have a summer party and you have a bunch of guests at your house this extra shower option will come in handy. This way your guests won’t have to wait for everyone to shower off before they get their turn in line. Your guests can clean off easily after coming back from the beach. It’s also helpful when you need to rinse off your surfboards or boogie boards after using them.

Showering in an outdoor shower under the stars or on a sunny, warm day can be luxurious. Contact your reliable local plumber in Melbourne, Florida, Sun Plumbing, to get started with your outdoor shower. If you need help with any Brevard County plumbing repairs, leaks or you want to install an outdoor shower please give us a call to make an appointment today. You can reach us at (321) 725-2460.

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