The Bottom Line On Toilet Paper


Toilet PaperFlorida requires everyone to use a 1.6 gallon flush toilet aka low flow toilet. That means your toilet is made to only use 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

While this is good when it comes to water conservation, it does pose a problem for your Melbourne, Florida plumbing, depending on which type of toilet paper you use.

When buying toilet paper, choose one that will disintegrate easily and not clog your toilet. The stronger and thicker the paper the longer it will take to break down thus the bigger chance of clogging your toilet, pipes and/or septic system.

Using strong toilet paper is important but it is also important that your toilet paper breaks up or disintegrates quickly. If you have a septic system this is especially important. You want your toilet paper float until it breaks up and not sink to the bottom.

Call Sun Plumbing if you need any plumbing repairs or septic tank pumping.

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