The Kids Are Starting to Stink


This oldie but a goodie Sun Plumbing commercial jingle from a 2013 Tight Line Productions shoot contains some important reminders about how disruptive plumbing problems can be. Before your sink is clogged, your shower is unable to drain, cooking is at a standstill and the kids are unbathed, be sure to call Sun Plumbing! We quickly fix leaky pipes, address and maintain septic drains and tanks, install drain fields, and address any of your other plumbing needs.

The last thing you want to deal with before sending the kids back to school is plumbing issues and unwashed children! Sun Plumbing can handle any type of plumbing or septic project, big or small. Our plumbing experts are well versed in all local and state building codes regarding every aspect of septic system construction and repair. Whether you need a bathroom completely remodeled, a drain field repaired or replaced, a septic tank pumped in compliance with Brevard County’s Environmental health Department’s standards, or a simple plumbing repair, Sun Plumbing is your dependable source for plumbing services in Melbourne, Palm Bay, and Viera.

With kids returning to school in Brevard County, we know you want things to run smoothly since you will have other things to worry about like packing lunches, last-minute school supply shopping, and getting the kids up to date with their immunizations. There are some minor plumbing problems you can resolve on your own, but some situations warrant a licensed and “dependable as the sun” plumber. Not being able to wash the morning dishes, fill a water bottle, take a shower or flush the toilet are stressors you surely want to avoid.

While we will happily dispatch a highly trained and qualified plumber to your home, there are some small plumbing and septic problems that you can fix on your own. These are some ways to maintain your septic system and avoid major plumbing problems:


  • correct running toilets
  • clean calcium buildup on faucet aerators
  • clear slow flowing drains
  • fix leaking fixtures


  • clean the sink drain
  • monitor for sink leaks/damage
  • check for garbage disposal leaks


If a plumbing problem arises despite your preventative maintenance, be sure to contact us to schedule a service call. We can unclog your sink and help your children not stink!

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