Tips on How to Save on Plumbing This Summer

Save on Plumbing
Save on Plumbing

Plants have many positive health benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Walking around during the hottest part of the day can burn your feet if you are walking on cement. Grass, on the other hand, is known to be about 31 degrees cooler. Imagine having a lawn covered in rich, green, grass and beautiful plants everywhere you look.

Grass helps capture toxins from the air, produces oxygen and is naturally designed to absorb any pollutions and chemicals that could run off into the ocean. Grass plays an important role in the environment. A small, 50’ x 50’ grassed area can produce oxygen for four people. There are numerous positives of having a sanctuary right outside your home.

Finding refuge outside in your yard this summer is beneficial to providing a healthier quality of life. Beautiful greenery and plants are known to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Being in a natural environment and surrounded by plants also helps improve memory and attention. On top of this, tree canopies actually help reduce noise. This is wonderful if you have any noisy neighbors that are bothersome.

With more plants in your yard, you will be using more water during the summer to keep your plants thriving. The best time to water your plants is early morning or late evening when the sun isn’t as penetrating. Water can easily evaporate when you water your yard during the hottest parts of the day. Watering earlier or later will help you save water and put less stress on your pipes.

Working outside in the yard also means getting your clothes dirty, and you will be using your washing machine more frequently. Keep an eye on your plumbing this summer and check your washing machine regularly if it’s been using more often than usual. If your washing machine hose hasn’t been replaced in three or more years then it needs to be changed. Remove excess lint build-up often.

The turn of the seasons brings new challenges for plumbing in homes. At Sun Plumbing we have faced many diverse challenges and are ready to tackle them at a moment’s notice. We have the experience and are always available to assist those who are in need. Call your plumber in Palm Bay today at (321) 725-2460.

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