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More often than not, other than picking out a new toilet for a remodel or an update, you probably don’t think too much about your commode. It only seems to be a focal point if there is a crisis such as an overflow situation, a clog, or a leaking emergency! There is more about the history of toilets and potential toilet issues in a Sun Plumbing past blog entry. This week, we want to address toilet maintenance tips. Actually, there is a lot to consider in regard to general toilet maintenance so you can avoid costly repairs, damages, and steer clear of reoccurring issues.

In your home, toilets are some of the hardest working appliances. It is estimated that the average person flushes the home toilet roughly five times a day. According to the World Toilet Organization, “…the average person uses a toilet 2,500 times a year, or six to eight times daily.”  According to Water Footprints Calculator, most Americans’ indoor water usage is highest in the bathroom. The household toilet breakdown of water usage per day is listed at 33 gallons or 24% of the total daily breakdown. Generally, toilets do not require too much attention, but regular cleaning will keep your toilet in good working condition.

Keeping Your Bowl Clean

Your toilet is one of the most used seats in the house. Here are some tips on how to streamline the process of keeping it germ-free and sparkling.

  • Clean your toilet on a regular basis so it is not such an overwhelming task.
  • Keep all of your cleaning supplies together in a bucket… organized and ready to transport from bathroom to bathroom and to store efficiently.
  • Possible items to gather: disinfecting wipes, paper towels, disinfecting spray, cleaning gloves, toilet brush, toilet bowl cleaner, window cleaner
  • Liberally spray disinfecting spray around the exterior of the bowl, the base, behind the toilet and surrounding areas, plus the underside of the seat. Let the spray cleaner sit for 5 minutes so it can do its job.
  • For the interior of the bowl, apply cleaner generously making sure to reach under the rim. Again, allow time for the cleaner to work. Using a bristled brush, scrub the rim and toilet interior. If you have rust-colored stains within your bowl, it could be from minerals in your water system. A pumice stone will, with a few swipes, will remove the stains without scratching the surface of the porcelain.
  • With disinfecting wipes or a paper towel, wipe down the toilet’s exterior and surrounding walls and flooring. Be sure to dispose of wipes or paper towels in the garbage…do not flush them!

Sun Plumbing is happy to provide you with toilet maintenance tips. We will elaborate in a future blog on what products to stay away from when cleaning and what items to avoid flushing to circumvent a plumbing disaster! If ever a plumbing issue does arise and you need an experienced plumber in the Melbourne, Viera, or Palm Bay areas of Brevard, call 321-725-2460.

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