Toilets Around the World Part 2


In America, many of us are used to a certain style of bathroom, especially those who haven’t left the country. We know what to expect – a toilet, shower or bath, a sink, etc. However, if you travel outside of the U.S., you’ll quickly find out that different countries have different types of bathrooms. Depending on the place you visit, there may still be the kind of setup you’re used to with a western-style flush toilet, but oftentimes there are variations. We thought it might be interesting to look at some of the different features restrooms around the world have, so read on for some interesting facts!

Middle East

In the Middle East area, squat toilets are usually the norm. This features a toilet bowl or pan on the floor, and it doesn’t always have an option to flush. Oftentimes there is a bowl of water or a hose next to the commode in the place of toilet paper. Now, that would take some getting used to!


Most of Europe has western-style toilets, although there may be variations like a pull cord to use to flush. In addition, many places require you to toss toilet paper in a bin instead of flushing it down the commode. Bidets are oftentimes featured in European restrooms as well, and in some areas of Europe like Turkey and Hungary, squat toilets are more common.


Japanese toilets are some of the most sophisticated in the world! They oftentimes have unique features like heated seats, a built-in bidet, and even a drying function. While there are still squat toilets in Japan, most places either have western-style toilets or the aforementioned toilet-bidet combination.


Unlike Japan, China generally has squat toilets in their public restrooms. There usually is no toilet paper, though, interestingly enough, bathroom attendants might offer toilet paper you can have for a fee! Many people bring their own toilet paper for this reason. However, nicer establishments and hotels do usually feature western-style toilets.


The types of commodes in Africa vary depending on the part of the country. In Northern Africa, there are generally western-style toilets, while in other parts the squat toilet is normal. More rural areas of Africa might not have any type of restroom facility whatsoever! In these areas, a good bush is a good place to go. Yikes!

We think it’s really interesting looking at the different customs countries have when it comes to the restroom situation. We are thankful that squat toilets are pretty much unheard of in America, and you probably are too! At Sun Plumbing, we are experts in all things plumbing related, including toilets, showers, sinks, hot water heaters, bathroom construction and more. If you’re in the Melbourne, FL or Palm Bay area and need a hand with a plumbing problem, give us a call today!

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