Updating Your Home’s Fixtures

Updating Your Home's Fixtures
Updating Your Home's Fixtures

How many times have you walked into the bathroom or kitchen and thought about a renovation?  Most of us could say more than we care to count or admit.  Seems like it would be such a dream.  Looking out over that new kitchen island or taking a long soak in the newly restored, clawfoot tub.  You start to think that maybe, just maybe, this could be a reality.  After a few more hours of HGTV, you’re ready to throw caution to the wind and tackle a whole house remodel over a weekend.

Small Renovations Make a Big Difference

Then the voice of reason sets in to remind you to settle down.  The average American cannot quite flip their house on a whim.  It’s a big job that requires time, preparation, and most importantly, professional supervision.  However, introducing small enhancements can go a long way in reviving a room that has survived long past its prime.  Pairing modern accents with classic styles will take your space from ancient to elegant without demanding an entire overhaul.  Consider the style of your home and the design you want to achieve.  Choosing complementary accessories and lighting will balance the overall feel of the room.

Beautiful Brass Fixtures

Swapping obsolete or outdated fixtures for modern amenities can offer the biggest bang for your buck.  Gone are the days where stainless steel and oil rubbed bronze rule the roost.  Brass is making a comeback, but not that 1980’s brass you used to know.  A new brass.  An exciting brass.  The best brass you’ve ever seen.  This familiar fad is intent on making a grand comeback.  Collections include a variety of tones and finishes to create that warm cozy feeling.  In addition to being their sensually divine selves, these fixtures hide fingerprints and water spots with ease.  These updated twists on an old paradigm will charm your friends and family while allowing you that simple taste of luxury.  Brass is a great alternative to copper or rose gold since it has a more dignified, yet subtle demeanor.  Design ideas can range from custom statement pieces such as brass hoods in the kitchen or oversized lighting fixtures for the dining room to more modest accents such as faucets or cabinet hardware.

Call in Professional Plumbers

Whichever your choice, call your local plumbing and renovation experts at Sun Plumbing and kick your old fixtures to the curb.  Our designers will collaborate with you to facilitate your transition and surpass your expectations.  Morph that empty beach basement into a lively living space with composite wood slats stacked horizontally, some lounge furniture, opulent lighting, and a few brass fixtures for your outdoor kitchen.  Or, we can assist you by replacing existing plumbing and lighting on your dock, reflecting a more polished and clear ocean view to opening the backyard Tiki Bar. Sun Plumbing of Melbourne, FL is your go-to for creating the ultimate beach getaway in your own home.

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