Water Damage Tips


Coming home to busted pipes with serious water damage in your home and damaged possessions brings a sense of panic and utter dismay. This is the last thing a homeowner wants to be greeted by when they walk through their front door. The best thing to do if this happens is act quickly to help minimize as much damage as possible. It really depends on how long the water has been hanging around while you were out. Most of the time you can salvage furniture, but electronics are most likely ill-fated.


If this unfortunate circumstance happens to you, the first thing to do is assess the damage. Make sure to disconnect all electronics immediately in a safe manner if you can. Turn off the main source of power in your home only if you are able to get to this place without walking through any water in your home. Your safety is most important! If any electronics are in standing water in your home and especially if the water line is touching your electrical outlets, stay away! Water can carry electrical current and cause electrocution.


Even if there are minimal amounts of water in your home, this can create mold and then lead to potential health problems. Don’t take it lightly when water is in your home even if your floors are just damp. Mold can lead to asthma or even serious illnesses for you and your family. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mold can cause nasal stiffness, an irritated throat, coughing, wheezing, irritated eyes, and even skin irritations just to name a few.

You can prevent mold after water damage by using a dehumidifier to control humidity levels in your household, fixing the broken pipe that caused the water damage in the first place, and cleaning all of the water damage while thoroughly airing out the home. You can always open up the windows to bring in fresh air to help organically dry the floors and anything else that needs drying from the water damage. If there are any carpets that are affected pull up the affected areas to allow the floor underneath to dry.


Dispose any damaged items and try to recycle what you can instead of throwing everything away. Talk to your town’s waste management advisor to see what to do with damaged electronics, furniture, drywall and toxic liquids. Contact Earth911 to find the best place to recycle near you.

Do your best to fix a water damage situation should it arise in your home and then contact your plumber in Brevard County for any plumbing mishaps. At Sun Plumbing in Melbourne, FL, our trained technicians will assess the damage, investigate what’s going

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