Ways to Save for the Holidays

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With the holiday season quickly approaching, most people could benefit from saving a little money. Often it is easy to think of ways to cut costs or ways to make a little extra cash to stash away to help lessen the financial impact of the holidays. But did you ever considering evaluating your plumbing systems, appliances and water usage to save money? At Sun Plumbing we are not only here to service your plumbing needs throughout Melbourne, Palm Bay and Viera, but we also like to keep you informed. Of course, in a time of need, we are “Dependable as the Sun” and can get the job done! Check out these potential money saving ideas and plumbing assessments to potential save some money.

  • Hand-washing dishes wastes water. Automatic dishwashers use less hot water and energy. With modern dishwashers, there is no need to soak or prewash dishes which also cuts down on water usage.
  • When running a dishwasher, make sure that it is filled to capacity.
  • Older toilets can use a lot of water. If possible, replace aged toilets with new low-flow options.
  • Showering uses less water than bathing, especially when you keep showers quick. Installing a low-flow shower head can save up to 50% on water usage over an outdated model.
  • Replace your water heater with a high efficiency unit. Set the water heater temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Always run full loads in your laundry washing machine and dryer without going over capacity.
  • Clean the lint screen on your dryer to decrease drying time and save energy.
  • Use cold water when running your garbage disposal.
  • Install a low-flow aerator on your faucet in your kitchen sink.
  • Repair leaky faucets not only to save water, but to avoid costly repairs caused by water damage.
  • Choose water conserving appliances with the Energy Star label.
  • Want to avoid wasting 50 gallons of water in a day? Fix leaky faucets. A slow drip can be extremely detrimental.
  • Water at or around the base of a toilet bowl or faucet could be indicative of a leak. A constantly running toilet can also be costing you extra on your water bill. Make sure to have your toilet repaired if it is leaking or running.
  • An easy way to tell if your house is leak free is to stop running the water in your home for a two-hour period. Check the meter before and after this time frame. If there is an increase in usage, then there is a possibility of a problem.

We hope that you can find some money saving ideas to incorporate in your own home from the list above. Remember if you suspect any leaks or have any plumbing issues, call Sun Plumbing to schedule a service call at 321-725-2460.

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