Well, Well, Well… Is Your Water Well Working Properly?

Newly installed water well to clean and filter water.

For big-city dwellers, they probably think of a well as something used on “Little House on the Prairie” to pump water for the family. What they may not realize is that many people still have water wells on their properties, including those living right here in Brevard County! It is true for those living on hundreds or thousands of acres of land, as well as those living right here in our beachside communities.

Can a Water Well Break?

At Sun Plumbing, we know water wells require care and even the most well cared for waters wells (no pun intended) sometimes need repairs. Water wells require pumps, and those pumps sometimes break down or die altogether. We don’t want to serve only a portion of our local population. We aim to help everyone in our area in need of a plumber. Because of this desire to serve all our neighbors, we are trained to repair and, if necessary, replace water well pumps and pressure tanks. To put it simply, the pressure tank is the part of the well that pushes the water into your home.

How Do I Know If There is a Problem with My Well? 

Not everyone is familiar with wells or how they work. Maybe you recently bought a home with a well on your property, and it is the first time you have ever had a well. You might be wondering how to know if the well is having issues.

According to plumbingmag.com, there are some tell-tale signs that the well is having issues. No water is one of the most common problems. This usually has to do with water availability, such as during dry times of the year, but the problem can be fixed by lowering the pump. Sputtering water could be the result of a broken pump. Cloudy or muddy water could be caused by a pump that is failing. High utility bills can indicate a pump that is working overtime and is no longer functioning properly.

If you are experiencing any of these issues or something else unusual with your water supply, you should give us a call.

As Reliable as the Sun 

At Sun Plumbing, we like to say that we are as dependable as the sun! We have been in business in Melbourne for over forty-five years. Nobody can stay in business that long without a reputation for performing quality work. We rely on our customers to spread the word that Sun Plumbing is their plumbing company of choice. We would like to be first on your list of plumbers too. If you are experiencing water well issues or any other plumbing issues, give us a try. We know you won’t be disappointed!

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