Why it’s Harmful to Flush Feminine Products


There is much debate about whether it’s safe or not too feminine products down the toilet because they are known to break down in water. Ladies, it’s time to settle the dispute and let you know that pads and tampons will destroy your plumbing and should never be flushed. This can end up saving you hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars on your plumbing.

Expansion causes clogging

Feminine care products once flushed do not break down as easily as toilet paper does and they build up over time. The build-up can cause clogging to your toilet even if it doesn’t happen right away. Tampons take 6 months to biodegrade. That is a long time! Tampons getting caught in your sewer pipes can cause a backup in your sewer system and cause water to spill onto the floor of your bathroom in no time. Tampons are designed to expand when they absorb liquids. This can be detrimental when they enter into your sewer lines. The expansion makes them more prone to clogging the toilet.

Where does the waste go?

After a tampon is flushed down the toilet it ends up in a wastewater treatment facility where it then goes through a filtration system. Instead of risking the chances of clogging your sewer lines, why not choose the more efficient and less expensive option?

Proper disposal

To responsibly dispose of feminine care products, you can wrap them up and throw them away in the garbage. You can use small bags or wrap them in toilet paper.

Flushing feminine hygiene products down the toilet can create a significant amount of harm to the plumbing pipes in your home. Remember to never treat your toilet like a trash receptacle. If you are ever in doubt it’s better to just throw it away in the trash can. If you are having trouble with your plumbing and you need a good plumber in Palm Bay please contact Sun Plumbing. We are reliable and available for all of your plumbing needs.

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