Oh No It’s Going To Overflow


Here at Sun Plumbing, we know all there is to know about all the things that can go wrong with septic tanks and plumbing pipes, and in some situations we have experienced them ourselves. Here is short testimonial from one of our employees regarding a plumbing fiasco she experienced herself:

I must admit that my first experience with plumbing issues was as a child growing up in South Florida. We were a family of five living in a three bedroom one bathroom cookie-cutter home. It seemed like almost weekly we would come home to clear water overflowing from the toilet and flooding the hallway and the closets. It was such a frequent occurrence that everyone flew into action like we were conducting a preplanned drill. Someone was sent for the plunger, another turned off the water behind the toilet, rags and towels were gathered, and a mop and bucket were fetched. Our overtaxed bathroom couldn’t handle the work load and neither could our septic tank! It was often soppy and stinky in that particular part of the yard. It’s a good thing that here in Palm Bay, Viera and Melbourne, Sun Plumbing septic experts can help you avoid and/or handle any such crisis!

What exactly causes a toilet to overflow? Sometimes there are obvious reasons like a child’s toy unable to fit down the chute, but more often you are dealing with a problem relating to the managed water flow because a hitch in the tank flotation mechanism is not working properly.

There could also be an external blockage in vents causing your commode to overflow. To avoid this, there are numerous items you should never flush down the toilet because they can lead to clogging, plumbing line problems, and even issues at water treatment plants. Some of these items are obvious, while others are not something you would think twice about flushing, as described below:

Non-flushable Items:

  1. Pets (burials)
  2. Prescription drugs
  3. Paper towels and napkins
  4. Feminine products
  5. Band aids
  6. Food or food fat
  7. Gum
  8. Diapers / wipes
  9. Floss
  10. Cotton balls
  11. Cigarettes
  12. Cat litter
  13. Hair

As you can see there are many items and many causes which could lead to an overflowing toilet. The good news is that if you need a plumber in Brevard County to help you handle a spilling over toilet, Sun Plumbing is “as dependable as the sun.” If your clogged toilet is overflowing soiled water this could be a sign of more serious issues relating to the septic tank. You do not want to handle sewage that is contaminated, so call Sun Plumbing today! Out of all the plumbers in Melbourne, Palm Bay and Viera, why choose Sun Plumbing? Check out these motivating reasons:

  • We are licensed, insured, and bonded.
  • We warranty our work.
  • Our staff is fully certified.
  • We are the only septic contractor both septic and plumbing certified in Brevard County.
  • We will inform you of the problem, process and pricing before work is performed.
  • Jobs will be done cost effectively and quickly.
  • We will take the necessary means to protect your home. For example, site cleanup, use of drop cloths and shoe covers.

Before you find yourself yelling, “Oh no! It’s starting to overflow,” acquaint yourself with our company and call us at 321-725-2460 to schedule a service.

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