Why Is My Water Bill So High? Part 2

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Ways to Reduce Your Water Bill & Water Waste – Part 2

In our previous blog, we discussed ways to reduce water waste by making plumbing repairs.  However, not all water waste is due to plumbing issues.  Sometimes, water waste is our own doing, even though we may be unaware of it.  Whether or not our services are needed, at Sun Plumbing we wanted to share ways you can reduce water waste on your own!

Running Water

Obviously running your faucet, tub, or shower is going to use water!  However, leaving your water running when you are not using it is an unnecessary waste of water.  For example, how many times have you turned on the shower to heat the water, thought of something you needed to do, and not come back to the shower for five or ten minutes?  All that time, the water was running, wastefully going down the drain without ever being used and raising your water bill unnecessarily.

Think about all the times you brush your teeth.  Do you wet your toothbrush, then turn off the water while brushing, or do you leave it running the entire time?  The same can be applied to washing dishes.  Do you need to leave the water running while you are in the act of loading the dishwasher?  Rinse the dish, turn off the water, then load the dish.  You will be surprised how much water you save by doing this.

One way to alleviate wasted water is to save it.  Yes, your water bill will still increase with running water, but if you want to turn on your shower, heat it up, then go switch a load of laundry, throw a bucket in the shower to gather the unused water.  This water can be used in your pet’s water bowl or to water plants. Wouldn’t you rather use the water if you are paying for it?  If you are curious about how much water you are actually wasting, check out this article from www.ctpost.com which cites some interesting statistics!

Overfilling Your Pool

Pools take thousands of gallons to fill.  With our hot Florida sun, you lose water from your pool due to evaporation nearly every day. It is inevitable.  There will be times that you need to add water to your pool.  When this occurs, we suggest setting a timer so you do not forget to turn off the hose.  That may seem like common sense, but you might be surprised how many people accidentally overfill their pools, flooding their own backyards.  It’s easy to forget because it isn’t part of your normal routine.

Unnecessary Lawn Watering

Having a built-in sprinkler system with a timer is definitely handy.  But we get a lot of rain in Florida.  There are months when you probably do not even need your sprinklers at all.  Reset your timers during those rainy months or when you see rain in the forecast during the dry season.  Watering your lawn during a thunderstorm is an unnecessary waste of water.  It not only adds to your water bill, but it could be bad for your lawn.  Overwatering, just like underwatering, could damage your yard.

Sun Plumbing Says “No” to Water Waste

As professional plumbers for over forty-five years, the plumbers at Sun Plumbing have seen a lot of water waste.  We hope that the information we have shared has been helpful and informative.  We would love to see less water wasted and a decrease in your water bill.  If any of your water waste is due to plumbing issues, such as leaky or broken pipes, then please give us a call immediately.  We would rather have you swimming in your properly filled pool than doing so in your flooded living room!  We look forward to serving you!

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