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Regular plumbing maintenance on average increases home value by 15%. This and a lot more plumbing facts, guides, news and tips you can find in our blog. Brought to you by Tight Line Productions for our loyal Sun Plumbing customers.

Signs of Trouble

A kitchen sink half filled with water that won’t drain, a tub that seems to take an eternity to empty, a toilet that is gurgling

Happy Halloween

Plumbing Myths and Spooky Tales Part 2

In our last blog we addressed some spooky plumbing problems and downright absurd myths. So since Halloween is close, we thought we would continue on

Remodeling Is Our Repertoire

Sun Plumbing has been meeting the commercial and residential plumbing and septic needs of Brevard County, Florida since 1974. Since we are “Dependable as the

It’s All About the Product

At Sun Plumbing we are proud to be your “one stop shop” for all septic and plumbing needs. We serve Melbourne, Palm Bay, Viera and

Sun Plumbing building front side

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

Locally owned and operated Sun Plumbing has been providing residential and commercial septic and plumbing services in Brevard county since 1974. The east coast of

Christmas is on the way!

This title surely elicits both excitement and worry!!! What does a plumbing blog have to do with a Christmas countdown? Well, it may be a

Oh No It’s Going To Overflow

Here at Sun Plumbing, we know all there is to know about all the things that can go wrong with septic tanks and plumbing pipes,

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