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Regular plumbing maintenance on average increases home value by 15%. This and a lot more plumbing facts, guides, news and tips you can find in our blog. Brought to you by Tight Line Productions for our loyal Sun Plumbing customers.

Advancements in Plumbing Technology

We rarely think of plumbing as a science that’s constantly evolving and benefiting from innovations in technology. Here at Sun Plumbing, we have made it

Garbage Disposal Dont’s

After a long day of work and picking up the kids, you’re looking forward to some much-needed post-dinner relaxation. And then… CLANGITYCLANGITYCLANGGRRR… Uh-oh. It’s the

Holiday Plumbing Tips

The holiday season is in full swing and during this time of year that means a ton of traffic through your home. Families gather together,

Homeowner Plumbing Maintenance

Sun Plumbing offers superior customer service and advice when it comes to your Melbourne Fl plumbing and septic needs. We are here to serve you

Hometown News Award Winners

Sun Plumbing has done it again! We have earned your trust over and over and we have more awards to prove it. You know we

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